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Oxygenics – Storm Shower Heads

October 23, 2009

Dear guests and friends of Zermatt Resort,

I am pleased to announce that Zermatt Resort and Spa has recently upgraded the showerheads in our guest rooms.  We have been searching for a more luxurious shower experience for our guests as well as a product which will meet the goals of our Environmental Initiative.  Zermatt has found the answer in the Oxygenics “STORM” showerhead.   


The Storm gives the effect of being caught in a rainshower with its 54 individual spray nozzles.  The patented design increases the water pressure by 30% while oxygenating the water stream.  This added oxygen rejuvenates and revitalizes skin cells.  Combined with the increased pressure, the Storm creates a unique and invigorating shower experience.  

As an added benefit, these new showerheads also save water and energy.  The venturi design which increases pressure and adds oxygen also reduces water consumption by at least 20%. In a 10 minute shower this saves approximately 5 gallons of water.  Because 70% of shower water is hot water, this also saves the energy of heating 3.5 gallons of water.  Multiply these savings by the 10’s of thousands of showers enjoyed each year at Zermatt, and you can see how this product reduces our impact on the environment.  

We hope to see you return to Zermatt in the near future, and check out our newest indulgence!  To check out the Storm for yourself, please visit .

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