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FREE Weekend Activities

June 16, 2009

On Memorial Day weekend Zermatt kicked off its FREE weekend activities for children and families staying at the resort. Each weekend is geared around creating an exceptional resort vacation experience that families and kids will remember. Each week Zermatt posts an updated activities list to the website ( under the special events section. Included under the special events are the local events around the Heber Valley and Park City to help assist guests in planning week and weekend vacations. Make sure to check back often to see what else has been added to the activities list as new events and activities will be added regularly.

Most of the events are free or are offered at a minimal cost; for example, “feed the goats,” allow children and adults to meet the Zermatt goats in person. The event is free but if a child or adult would like to feed the goats, four goat biscuits can be purchased at a minimal cost of $1.00.

If you haven’t already experienced Zermatt’s weekend activities, YOU”RE MISSING OUT! Make your reservation today, and we hope to see you in the weeks ahead.


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